In 2010 we launched our solar photovoltaic testing lab in West Covina, CA. We set up a rack of six solar panels of different brands. Each panel is powered by a microinverter, making this a head-to-head competition in a single location. Solar panels look very similar to each other, not all are created equal. Each make/model of Solar panels have their unique characteristics which allow them to produce more or less power in different environments. By adding microinverters to each solar panel and connecting the system to the internet we share live solar production data with you 365 days a year.

The Solar panels currently being tested are the Sanyo HIP-215NKHA5, REC REC215AE-US, Sharp ND-U230C1, Canadian Solar CS6P-230, SolarWorld SW 230, Solon P220/6+/01 230Wp. Click on the picture below to access the live data.