Meet the Team

We are a diverse group of individuals sharing a common vision of empowering life with sunshine.

Deep Patel, CEO

Experienced solar professional with background in sales. “My vision is to change the current centralized energy model into a fully distributed energy infrastructure in which energy is generated, stored and consumed within our communities rather than being imported from far away lands.”

David Tan, COO

Over 20 years experience growing various companies from startup to 8 figures.

Harold Tan, CMO

Serial entrepreneur with expertise in eCommerce and information systems. “I believe clean, renewable energy is key to the evolution of society as a whole. Solar powers our planet, why not harness it to power humanity?”

Linh Tran, Account Manager

“I help homeowners get started with green energy, and I believe solar takes people one step closer to self reliance.”

Raj Patel, Account Executive

“I help people generate their own power. I believe solar power should be accessible to all people.”

Kyle Martin, Account Executive

“I help businesses, institutions, and individuals get the most value from their investment in renewable energy. Enough energy reaches Earth via sunlight in one hour to meet the entire planet’s needs for over a year. Solar will power our future, and I’m here to bring it to you today!”

Tom Jackson, Account Executive

“I keep our solar family growing by engaging new customers and providing our existing clients with helpful information. I believe that solar will eventually make clean, dependable energy accessible to everyone.”

Steve Ferris, Account Executive

“I love what I do! Helping people reduce their energy bills and save the environment. We offer the most cost effective solar system available and every system is specifically designed for your home. We work with you every step of the way, until your home is energy efficient with solar up and running!”

Robert Loucks, Account Executive

“I have been helping people to go solar since 2005. Almost everyone can benefit from installing solar. It’s an investment that makes sense financially for most people and makes sense environmentally for everyone.”

Tom O’Neil, Account Executive

“I enjoy educating customers on the savings that they will enjoy while at the same time reducing there carbon foot print. It is truly a win win for everyone.”

Allan  Timko, Account Executive

“I enjoy making a difference; not simply make a living. Solar Power is: Clean, Safe, Reliable, Local & Renewable. What could be better for the Community, Country & Planet? With Quality Solar Power is an Affordable, Best Value choice.”

Giora Pasca, Account Executive

“It’s clear that we need to embrace new sources of renewable energy that are good for our planet. I believe strongly in using technology to provide affordable options that all consumers use.”

Gayle Kamei, Accounting

“It’s clear that we need to embrace new sources of renewable energy that are good for our planet. I believe strongly in using technology to provide affordable options that all consumers use.”

Dana Hooker, Lead Qualifier

“I believe harnessing the energy from the sun and converting it into usable energy is the way to go. It’s cost effective and great for the environment.”

Espi Gonzalez, Lead Qualifier

“I’m a true believer that sustainable and renewable energy is the future. Solar energy is good for us, our wallets, and our planet!”

Jazzmin Wong, Sales Support

“Taking a step in the right direction to a brighter tomorrow begins with tapping into renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the best natural resources we have.  So why not take advantage of whats obtainable? Being environmentally responsible today will make for a brighter tomorrow.”

Sarah Benvineste, Sales Support

“Transformation starts one home at a time. Let’s change the way our world is powered!”

John Mascardo, Marketing Designer

“A Graphic & Web Designer who aspires to innovative and revolutionize the way the world sees and envisions solar power and energy through his unique and creative artistry and design.”

Kristan Beckman, Operations Associate

“Solar Energy – a free energy source that is available to everyone, will never run out and in using it, we don’t harm the environment.  GigaWatt Inc. offers a variety of products to help us harness that resource for use in our daily lives.  A forward step toward a better future.  It’s nice to be a part of that progress.”

Dave Donaldson, Design Engineer

“I provide technical and engineering support for our customers’ solar projects. The solar energy industry has always been a passion of mine. It is a pursuit that brings pleasure because I believe we are helping move the solar agenda forward.”

Cindy Morgan, Solar Plan Drafter

“I specialize in Graphics, 3D Modeling and Drafting & Design for the last 6 years and 2 specifically in Solar combined with 10 years database administration and over all office integration. Recycling what resources we are given everyday is the cleanest and smartest way to live and work.”

Carl Arellano, Design Engineer

“The utilization of the sun’s energy is a great way to help out our environment. I am an engineer that’s glad to assist customers in the process of going solar and using this clean energy by providing a layout of the solar panels so they can get a visual on how it will look on their property as well as estimated energy production of the system.”

Mario Relles, Design Engineer

“I believe that solar is a perfect way to help slow down the destruction of our planet and that we should all take advantage of it because there is enough sun for everyone.”

Eric Sanchez, Warehouse Manager

“Solar is a clean energy source available to everyone and anyone who would want to invest some money into getting them selves an affordable system. For great outcomes on the long run, both environmental and economically, solar technology is what you need and the way to go.”

Andrew Narciso, Warehouse Associate

“The sun gives off free energy, why not take advantage of that and save money on your electric bill? Owning solar is a great asset and investment for those of you out there who own property. Solar is awesome!”


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