Declare your energy independence with off grid solar

Our off-grid solutions group offers customers without access to the grid reliable power systems. We provide portable solar for cell phone charging, lighting and other small devices. For customers who need to power heavy loads, our professional grade complete off-grid solar kits can power any load anywhere. 

Portable Solar

We love solar so much that we wanted to take it with us everywhere, so we developed SunJack® – your ultimate power companion.

SunJack® provides wall outlet charging speeds anywhere the sun shines.  And when the sun isn’t shining, you can still stay powered with the SunJack’s battery pack which holds enough juice to charge up to eight smartphones.

Ideal for campers, travelers, military and anyone off the grid. SunJack® is compatible with all USB devices, including smartphones, tablets, lights, cameras, speakers, and more. A must have for camping, traveling, and emergency kits, SunJack® provides you rugged outdoor power when you need it.


Complete off-Grid Kits

Designed for heavy duty off-grid applications, GigaWatt's complete off-grid kits are perfect for off-grid permanent residences and other remote operations that need reliable power. We've created complete off-grid kits, without the complexity. Every component and battery is engineered to work with each other—seamlessly and easily. All packages include solar panels, racking, factory pre-wired and tested inverter, batteries, integrated battery rack, combiner boxes, web enabled monitoring and all necessary connection hardware. GigaWatt off-grid solar kits are available through and select authorized resellers.   


Off-grid System Parts

Our off-grid solutions group is a multi-channel value added retailer which sells a wide variety of off-grid system parts including charge controllers, inverters, batteries, cables, energy monitoring devices, battery chargers and other parts through and top online marketplaces. Customers include organizations, dealers, installers and homeowners worldwide. GigaWatt has become one of the largest off-grid parts distributors in the United States. Need a part for an off-grid project? Contact us