Save money and power through blackouts



GigaWatt solar kits can be configured with the optional LG Chem and SolarEdge energy storage solution. LG’s battery technology is among the most proven and reliable in the world combined with SolarEdge's StoreEdge inverter designed for both solar and storage to work seamlessley. The LG battery is rated for both indoor and outdoor installations which makes it the perfect battery for GigaWatt solar kits allowing for fast and simple installations.


Solaredge Storedge

SolarEdge’s StorEdge DC coupled storage solution can be used to increase energy independence for customers by utilizing a LG battery to store and supply power as needed. To optimize self-consumption, the LG battery is automatically charged and discharged to meet consumption needs and reduce the amount of power purchased from the grid. The solution is based on a single inverter for both solar and storage.