Powering lives with sunshine since 2006. 

In 2006, GoGreenSolar.com was founded and operated out of a garage, quickly becoming one of the top online destinations to purchase solar panels, inverters, batteries, racking, and other solar power products.  Since its humble beginnings of getting people started with solar energy, the website evolved into GigaWatt, Inc., a multimillion dollar clean energy corporation.

Today, GigaWatt is one of the most innovative clean energy companies in the United States, serving a diverse base of residential, government, non-profit and utility customers with their clean energy needs. Clients include the U.S. Army, the Federal Aviation Administration, CBS, GRID Alternatives, and the United States Marine Corps.

We Believe

  • Clean energy makes economic sense. Millions of jobs can be created, while saving our economy trillions of dollars!

  • The environment will thank us. By embracing green energy we can clean up the air we breathe and reduce the impact fossil fuel based energy has on our world.

  • Clean energy has a social benefit. Billions of people around the world still have no access to basic electricity. When green energy goes mainstream with economies of scale, everyone will have access to clean, reliable, efficient renewable energy

Our Mission

We're on a mission to provide solutions that allow people to become energy independent by promoting a lifestyle powered by solar power, energy storage, LED lighting and electric vehicles. We're an industry leader in driving down the costs of these technologies and lobbying for progressive energy policy to offer our solutions at a price that anyone will be able to live a life powered by the Sun. When we’re through, everyone will be able to afford it and everyone will live with it. Gas stations will have disappeared from our streets and no rooftop will be naked of solar panels. No person shall be vulnerable to a power outage. Fossil fuels will go extinct just like the dinosaurs did and our children will finally have clean air to breathe.

core values

  • Fight for energy independence for all

  • Team work and continuous self-improvement

  • Service to customer above all else

  • Profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.
— Thomas Edison

What We've Achieved

  • Helped thousands of customers worldwide power their lives with sunshine with solar power.

  • Deployed megawatts of solar power.

  • Installed world's first grid-tie solar bus shelter.

  • Completed world's first solar panel installation paid entirely in Bitcoin.

  • Featured on CBS, NBC, USA Today

  • Minority Green Firm of 2013 awarded by City of Los Angeles

  • Invented SunJack®, the world's most powerful portable solar panel

  • Featured on The Price is Right and Entrepreneur Magazine.

  • Over 10 years in business.


Our Brands 

Go Green Solar - Premium value added merchant of GigaWatt solar kits, solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries, solar panel mounting systems and all parts related to solar electric systems. Customer's include homeowners, contractors, U.S. government, utilities and corporations around the world. 

SunJack® - On a mission to provide solar powered portable energy solutions to people around the globe. From powering first world luxuries to basic living essentials, SunJack® recognizes the power in having your own, solar energy source that is engineered to perform, crafted to last, and designed to make life better.

Planet Plan Sets - The PV industry succeeds when solar power costs less than fossil fuel or nuclear power, and streamlining the design and permitting process is key to the solar contractor’s business success. Planet Plan Sets was founded with simple principles, providing permitting plan sets, quickly and reliably, while maintaining guiding principles of quality, safety, and operational efficiency. For solar contractors, time is money, and rapid response and accurate information are critical to cost effective permitting practices and business operations. PPS is committed to insuring our contractor customers have the necessary technical and customer support required to quickly resolve questions accurately and efficiently.

U.s. made solAr panels 

GigaWatt makes the 300 watt 60-cell mono crystalline solar panels in Riverside, California, USA with imported parts. In collaboration with our manufacturing partner this world class manufacturing facility in the U.S.A. is equipped with factory automation by robotics which reduces human error, electro-lumniscent tests to rule out invisible defects such as micro cracks and low power output areas. We’re an all American company creating local jobs to support the adoption of solar power. As the leader in solar installation kits, we understand that reliability and performance are important. Join us in creating a cleaner, greener world and power your life with sunshine!